15 puppies that will make your day so much better

15 of the cutest puppies images that you can find online. If those pics won't make you smile, nothing else will.

If you’re having a bad day or just you’re in a bad mood stop for a second, we have the perfect solution for you.

If none of these furry friends can make you smile today, nothing else will!

Our animal friends can make you happy , and this isn’t just obvious, it’s science. These cuddly fluffies can greatly improve your mental health and this is due to their kind nature, loyalty and of course their incredibly cute eyes.

We’ve collected lots of adorable photos that will make your day (and hopefully your week) better, so that whenever you feel a little down you can always come back to this post.

1. Free hugs today

a dog and a cat embraced
© cyan1618 / Reddit

These two furry friends are adorable, two puppies sleeping blissfully together. Who says cats and dogs can’t be friends? Here’s the proof.

2 – Mommie, let me kiss you

a puppy dog ​​kissing his mom
© Not_a_bot222 / Reddit

This white wad maybe has some pranks to make up for or maybe she just wants to kiss her mom . One of the sweetest images ever seen.

3 – One small step for cats, one giant leap for the feline

cat and lynxes walking alike
© wowzers2092 / Reddit

Size doesn’t matter in the feline universe, a cat is always a cat. And both of them are simply adorable.

4 – A cute puppy on the plane

a little dog in an airplane peeking from the seat
© borisdb / Reddit

This image is for anyone who is afraid of flying. I imagine the person who found himself in front of this puppy’s sweet face looking around, perhaps a little nervous about the journey, surely all fear has been swept away.

5 – Pawsome friendship

two dogs embraced
© notlikelyevil / reddit

Who doesn’t need a hug like this when the day hasn’t started off with the right paw?

6 – I wish I was a happy donkey

a very sweet puppy by donkey
© chuv4k / Reddit

Impossible not to smile in front of this donkey who watches the world with eyes full of curiosity and amazement. How nice it would be to be able to “steal” that feeling of constant novelty!

7 – Adorable little fur burritos

three facts wrapped in blankets
© IndividualMedium4 / Reddit

These three furry bundles are simply adorable, but knowing the nature of the cats well we are sure that the human or the human who took this photo very soon will pay dearly, if I were in their sleep with one eye open.

8 – Am I a giraffe now?

dog with a headband of giraffe ears
© lol62056 / Reddit

His expression with giraffe ears is simply wonderful, especially since this puppy has absolutely no idea how adorable in our eyes .

9 – Lunch is served

cat watching the master eat
© eternal_starfish / Reddit

This puppy doesn’t seem to be afraid of his human friend at all, despite the water gun. Instead he seems very interested in what’s in the bowl, we bet that will have a taste .

10 – Pirate puppy enjoying Halloween

dog pirate with a halloween bandana
© Reddit

Sorry puppy but you really don’t scare, in fact you are really adorable. The halloween bandana with bats just makes you more beautiful, thank you for making our day sweeter .

11 – Firefox can change its icon now

sleeping mouse
© JohnKeel96 / Reddit

Too much sweetness all together, we might not resist another photo but we definitely can’t skip this one, this puppy is enjoying a well-deserved nap after the marenda , that peanut must have been really good. < / p>

12 – I am darkness, I am the night

completely black chinchilla
© HeyitsTonyStark / Reddit

This cute fur ball is a beautiful all-black chinchilla, probably rare but certainly adorable. We can only imagine how soft and soft it can be.

13 – Dear human I love you from the bottom of my … tummy

cat with a heart on the tummy
© Jumpy_Acanthaceae855 / Reddit

How can you resist a kitten that has a little heart on its tummy ? Impossible, we will be willing to give him every vice, especially when he winks at us.

14 – A new baby turtle just discovered

kitten that looks like a mini turtle
© mftnhsdiq / Reddit

Scientists have just made a surprising discovery, a new baby turtle just found asleep on this strange beach. The causes that led to this hairy shell are not yet known. Of course we’re kidding!

15 – Tiny puppy, infinite sweetness

tiny kitty
© igotsdashrimp / Reddit

The ace in the hole is this last tiny wad of fur, a puppy so small it is only half a foot long, but its sweetness is definitely boundless.

We hope we made this day easier and gave you a smile!

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